27 mar. 2012

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Book Clutch
Original by Olympia Le Tan

Olympia Le Tan Collection

Natalie Portman

One good DIY:  http://runwaydiy.com/2012/02/02/diy-book-clutch/ 

I wanna my book clutch, maybe...Alice in Wonderland.


22 mar. 2012

Give it all away

                                                                   Crop top!

8 mar. 2012


I love converse and vans shoes.
Some outfits:

Ulrikke Lund: The perfect example

Blake Lively: Afterparty day

Es mi must have.
Tienen estilo , nunca pasan de moda , son sencillas...just love


5 mar. 2012

"I love the way you take your clothes off"

Admiro mucho su trabajo.

                                                                   Kelly Smith                                                                            

Manuel Rebollo

Title: End of subtlety

Title: I love the way you take your clothes off

Title: I love old movies

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different"